~ of Vetelko

Text version / Updated: Jun 26 22:01:49 2019

Hello, I’m Ivan, (Vetelko elsewhere) and this is how I world

I’m practical, not modern.

... to be continued

I’m minimalist, not simple.

I’m slow thinker, slow walker, slow doer, but when I lift, I’m pretty fast.

I’m using black color for the text on my website, not fancy 50 shades of gray you can see everywhere.

I’m using lot of vertical whitespace. I believe this makes the text content more readable and I like it of course.

I’m not using cookies because I’m not curious what color your shorts are.

I’m not in IT business anymore. After 24 years I work manually now and sleep well.

I pay everything in cash. I don’t have a bank account anymore.

Everything you will read here is somehow related with OpenBSD or my switch from Linux to OpenBSD, even it is not IT related. I’m not a pro, I’m enthusiast.

Most useful command in OpenBSD is:

$ doas pkg_delete whatever && \
  doas pkg_delete -a

Golang web server in OpenBSD chroot

I’m OpenBSD addict.

I vi.

I preffer Gitlab over Github.

My OpenBSD hardware

Get in touch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vetelko
Mastodon: https://bsd.network/@vetelko
Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/vetelko
Github: https://github.com/vetelko